Student Enrolment Information

The decision to enrol new students will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner, consistent with any pre-requisites stated in the curriculum. Appropriately qualified staff will provide students / clients with an application for enrolment form and advise them of the learning outcomes and ensure the candidate suitability and capacity to benefit from the course concerned.
Enrolment and selection criteria will be explicit and defensible, and comply with the access and equity policy.
TTA’s booking forms will be emailed / faxed or posted and are required to be completed and returned to TTA prior to course commencement. The booking form includes all relevant course information, entry requirements, course duration, academy map, and course commencement & completion times.

Certificates / Statement of Attainment

Issue credentials and/or statements of attainment to students who satisfactorily complete the requirements of the accredited courses / endorsed Training Packages within the Scope of registration with the client/student having supplied their USI number that has been verified.

Credentials and Statements of Attainment will include the following

Name of the provider as shown on the Certificate of Registration;
Name of the person receiving the qualification / Statement of Attainment;
Name of the Course / Training Package qualification as shown on the Scope of Registration;
Date issued;
Authorised signatory of the Registered Training Organisation;
Where courses are nationally recognised, Statement of Attainments / Certificates are imprinted with the NRT nationally recognised training logo; Identifies units of competency on any certification issued in relation to courses based on national competency standards.

The information provided to students / clients will be accurate, relevant and up-to-date. This information will include:

Facilities and equipment;
Safety requirements;
Competencies to be achieved during training;
Training and Assessment procedures and documentation;
Qualifications to be issued on completion or partial completion of a course; Trainee support services;
Total costs/fees;
Student Handbook

Student Records

Information submitted by students including the enrolment form will be used by TTA for the purpose of general student administration, monitoring and evaluation of training and communication.
Students results are recorded in both electronic and hard copy format. All students records and levels of competencies achieved will be retained and archived by Thurgoona Training Academy for a period of 30 years as per ASQA requirements. Students can gain access to their progress, records or replacement Statement of Attainment by contacting TTA and verifying proof of identity. Replacement certificates / cards incur an additional cost. TTA undertakes to ensure that personal information is held in a secure environment and is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. TTA limits employee access to the databases that store students information. TTA record collection procedures undertake to ensure that all students records that are systematically collected, recorded and stored is correct and accurate.

RPL & RCC—Recognition of Prior Learning and Recognition of Current Competencies;

In competency based training, recognition of an individual’s skills and knowledge gained through formal study, work experience, employment and other life experiences; can be recognised as a competency against the elements of essential outcomes for a unit of competency.
RPL/RCC will be granted only where sufficient evidence is provided of competence for an entire Unit of Competency not partial Units of Competency. The student will be given access to the full curriculum so they can clearly identify the learning outcomes or competencies they have. To apply, an application form should be completed and forwarded, with any supporting evidence, to TTA attention of the RTO Administrator.
The applicant will be interviewed and the Manager will determine the most appropriate method of verifying the competencies claimed. This may be by practical demonstration, a verbal or written test or any other method that is valid and reliable. After verification has been completed, the applicant will be notified of the assessment decision, and where applicable, credit will be given for the relevant outcomes / modules. Applicants may appeal a decision. Appeals can be lodged with the RTO Administrator.

DCT- Direct Credit Transfer

Any equivalent unit of competency, course or program of study that has been successfully completed at another Registered Training Organisation RTO by a student prior to the commencement of their enrolled program with Thurgoona Training Academy, the student will receive a direct credit transfer. To apply for a direct credit transfer contact TTA’s RTO administrator.

Access and Equity

Access - Training services and programs are made available to everyone, regardless of race, language, culture, gender, religion or disability.

Equity - Training is designed and delivered on the basis of fair treatment to all students.

Access and Equity Services available include:

People with Literacy, Numeracy or Learning Difficulties.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

People with Disabilities.

People with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds.


All Age Groups.

If assistance is required TTA will participate in discussions with the student to determine the most appropriate action to ensure the student has the opportunity to complete the training.


Harassment on the basis of a person’s race, sex or sexuality, marital status, religion, disability or age, pregnancy, transgender(transsexualism), criminal record, political belief, carer status or physical features are forms of discrimination which when practiced at work, are unlawful and are in breach of the Anti-Discrimination Laws.
TTA is responsible for providing a learning environment that is free of harassment, abuse or intimidation.