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Participate as a Member of a Workplace
Emergency Initial Response Team (PUAWER009B)

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This unit covers competency required to participate as a member of a workplace emergency initial response team. This team works in conjunction with the emergency control organisation in the control of workplace emergencies in their early stages prior to the arrival of emergency services or specialist response team.

This unit is part of suite of eleven workplace emergency response units and is part of the response stream. This unit would benefit members of Emergency Control Organisations and Emergency Response Teams.

This unit has been developed to cover the broad range of emergencies and workplaces as considered in Australian Standard 3745.

  • Prepare for workplace emergencies
  • Respond to workplace emergencies including
    • Fire (open air and structure)
    • Chemical spills
    • Gas leaks
    • Motor Vehicle accidents
    • Electrical incidents
  • Communicate with and complement other personnel
  • Assist with recovery from workplace emergencies
  • Select and use protective clothing and equipment safely and effectively under emergency conditions including:
    • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
    • Fire Fighting PPC (Structural turnout clothing, pants, jacket, helmet etc)
    • Distress Signal Unit (DSU/PDU)
    • Tally Boards
    • Two Way Radios
    • Fire extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels, Fire Blankets, Layflat Hoses, Branches, Pumps etc
  • Communicate during emergencies
  • Interpret and respond to alarm systems
  • Re-stow initial response equipment
  • Understanding of equipment operating characteristics, limitations, hazards, precautions, procedures and general care
  • Understanding of survival, rescue and recovery procedures including:
    • Entrapment procedures
    • Ropes and Rescue Devices
    • Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT)
  • Demonstrate tactics for safely handling specific emergencies as listed above
  • Understanding of the hierarchy of controls

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to consider the following job roles:

  • Member of an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)
  • Member of an Emergency Response Team (ERT)

This unit is appropriate for those working in:

  • Any Organisation

All participants are required to be:

  • Medically Fit - Practical activities learners will undertake will require both mental and physical fitness
  • Clean Shaven - Participants are required to be clean shaven to enable a positive seal whilst wearing SCBA equipment as per AS/NZS 1715. Correct fit of a mask requires contact with smooth skin - this makes masks unsuitable for persons with beards or moustaches. Even a one day growth of a beard has been shown to allow nearly one per cent penetration of a full face-piece.

Participants should bring:

  • 100% cotton long sleave shirt for practical activities
  • A change of clothes for after the practical activities
  • Safety Boots
  • Water Bottle
  • Wear suitable attire

Duration - Three (3) Days

Time - 8.30am to 4.30pm

Participate as a Member of a Workplace Emergency Initial Response Team is open to the public and is also conducted upon request.

Learners will receive training in both theory and practical activities. Morning / afternoon tea and lunch is provided and a BBQ lunch on the last day when delivered at TTA. Please advise office of any dietary requirements

RPL is not offered. Workplace Emergency Response units are seen as industry wide units. The importing of these units of competency into other industry training packages is also promoted as the units are seen as relevant for all industries.
If you require special assistance, including language literacy and numeracy please notify our office and support services can be arranged. Our student handbook is available from our office and this website.