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"Great to actually use a fire extinguisher"
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Confine Small Workplace Emergencies

(Fire Extinguisher) Training



Fire Extinguishers provides learners with the skills to confine small fires by using a nearby fire extinguisher, fire hose reel or blanket.

Learners will extinguish a "REAL" fire.

This unit is part of suite of eleven workplace emergency response units and is part of the response stream. These units have been developed to cover the broad range of emergencies and workplaces as considered in Australian Standard 3745


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2 Hours
Course Elements:
  • Prepare for emergency response
  • Identify and assess the emergency
  • Safely confine emergencies where possible
  • Use initial response equipment
  • Report workplace emergency response


Learning Outcomes:
  • Ability to correctly identify the type of emergency that has occurred
  • Ability to identify and take action to avoid or control and associated hazards
  • Ability to use initial response equipment and techniques to safely and effectively control or contain the emergency
  • Ability to communicate in an effective manner, give and follow instructions
  • Ability to re-stow initial response equipment


RPL is not offered for this course
Workplace Emergency Response units are seen as industry wide units. The importing of these units of competency into other industry training packages is also promoted as the units are seen as relevant for all industries.
Entry Requirements: