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Observe Permit Work (MSMPER202)


This unit of competency covers the skills and knowledge required for a safety observer (this could include a fire watcher or a heights standby). Safety observers can stop permit work, but do not have the authority to restart it. It includes: understanding the permit system and the individual permit’s requirements, observing work being performed, noting any change in conditions and taking required action.

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4 Hours
MSMPER202 - Observe permit work
Course Elements:
  • Prepare for the job
  • Control the permit site
  • Take appropriate action for potential incident
  • Complete safety observer role
Learning Outcomes:
  • Observation
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Hazards associated with the job and the plant
  • Hazard analysis and control
  • HSE legislative requirements related to plant
  • Incident response procedures
  • Permit principles and procedures


RPL is not offered for this course
Students who complete the Unit Of Competency may be eligible for entry into further study such as: Certificate III in Process Manufacturing (MSA30116)
Entry Requirements:
All participants are required to bring Safety Boots.