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Issue Work Permits (MSMPER300)


This competency unit addresses the need for personnel who issue work permits to understand the permit system, know the limitations of each permit and make decisions regarding the need for and correct use of each permit. This competency unit includes the issue of any and all permits. It applies to the issuing of permits covering a single plant or plant area such as might be an operators scope of responsibility.

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4 Hours
MSMWHS201 - Conduct Hazard Analysis
Course Elements:
  • Identify the need for permit work
  • Prepare work site for authorised work
  • Raise and issue work permits
  • Monitor work for compliance
  • Receive end of day report
  • Close work permit
Learning Outcomes:
  • Correctly identify situations requiring work permits
  • Identify and apply legislative requirements, relevant standards and codes of practice (which may be incorporated in the organisation's procedures) to the issuing of work permits
  • List the requirements of each type of permit
  • Plan own work process within workplace procedures and explain the reasons for the steps in the process
  • Correct permit issued
  • Hazards are identified and controlled in the permit by applying the hierarchy of control
  • required personal protective equipment (PPE) is specified
  • Problems are anticipated
  • Problems are efficiently resolved


RPL is not offered for this course
Students who complete the Unit Of Competency may be eligible for entry into further study such as: Certificate III in Process Manufacturing (MSA30116)
Entry Requirements:
All participants are required to bring Safety Boots