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Operate Breathing Apparatus (MSMWHS216)


This competency applies to operators who are required to wear breathing apparatus for pert of their job - because they are working in confined space, with hazardous gases/vapours, in a toxic atmosphere or for other applications requiring the wearing of breathing apparatus. They may also be required to wear it in emergency situations, however this is not the prime focus of this unit, and so makes this unit different from PUAFIR207A Operate Breathing Apparatus Open Circuit, as it has no prerequisite and is much broader in its application.

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1 Day (8 Hours)
Course Elements:
  • Conduct pre-donning checks and tests on breathing apparatus
  • Operate Breathing Apparatus
  • Conclude Operations
Learning Outcomes:
  • Respiratory system
  • Components and characteristics of breathing apparatus
  • Operate Breathing apparatus
  • Use of procedures, lines and tallies
  • Pre-use checks and tests
  • Breathing apparatus control
  • Entrapment procedures
  • Communications
RPL is not offered for this course
Students who successfully complete the Unit Of Competency may be eligible for entry into further study such as: MSA30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing.
Entry Requirements:
Physically fit and Clean Shaven as per AS/NZS1715