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Undertake Initial Rescue (PMAOMIR301)


This unit of competency applies to a person who is required to effect an initial rescue arising from an incident. It could apply to any person operating as a team member in a facility and may involve a confined space. In a typical scenario, a person undertaking a task in a workplace may witness an incident involving a co-worker, or may be alerted to a difficulty involving a co-worker. In these few initial critical minutes before other help arrives, the actions of the person may have a significant effect on the well being of their co-worker. At no time however should the person take any action which is likely to cause them to be equally placed at risk.

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2 Days (16 hours)

MSMWHS216 - Operate Breathing Apparatus

MSMWHS217 - Gas test atmospheres

HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid

Course Elements:
  • Respond to the incident surroundings.
  • Determine the condition of the person.
  • Determine the appropriate rescue method.
  • Use specialised rescue equipment.
  • Convey information to others.
Learning Outcomes:
Competence includes the ability to isolate the causes of problems within the incident response system and to be able to distinguish between causes of problems indicated by:
  • Inability to call for assistance at the incident scene
  • Non-functional or non-responding safety equipment
  • Non-functional or non-responding rescue equipment
  • Essential First Aid practices
  • Safe working practices related to the type of plant and equipment being worked on
  • Essential rescue principles and techniques
  • Basic rescue equipment types and uses
  • Obligations and implications of the organisation's work permit system
  • PPE and special purpose safety devices such as safety harnesses required for the task being undertaken
  • Emergency communications systems, their location and operation


RPL is not offered for this course
Students who complete the Unit Of Competency may be eligible for entry into further study such as: Certificate IV in Process Plant Technology (PMA40108)
Entry Requirements:

All participants must be Medically Fit & Clean Shaven and are required to bring Safety Boots, Hard Hat, Overalls and gloves.
(Note: Participants are required to be clean shaven to enable a positive seal whilst wearing SCBA equipment as per AS/NZS 1715)