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Safe Handling of Industrial Chemicals and Materials (MEM13003B)


This unit covers using personal protective equipment (PPE), identifying the particular hazards and emergency procedures, and observing safe working practices in that environment. This unit may be applied in a workplace in which materials and chemicals which is subject to codes and regulations are stored and used, for example, chemicals, solvents, dangerous materials, acids, noxious waste products etc.

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8 Hours
Course Elements:
  • Use personal protective equipment

  • Identify emergency procedures

  • Observe safe working practices

Learning Outcomes:
  • Ability to undertake risk assessment
  • Ability to communicate with others
  • Ability to perform proper manual handling techniques
  • Ability to interpret safety signage, dangerous goods classification, labeling & placards
  • Ability to test, use & maintain PPE
  • Ability to interpret the relevant SDS’s
  • Understand the inherent hazardous properties of the chemical to be used
  • Demonstrate chemical spill confinement procedures
  • Understanding of basic fire fighting
  • Ability to report near miss occurrences
  • Understand site-specific emergency plans
  • Understand hierarchy of control
RPL is not offered for this course
Students who complete the Unit Of Competency may be eligible for entry into further study such as: Certificate III in Surface Preparation and Coating Application (MSA30309)
Entry Requirements: