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Workplace Emergency Response – General Occupancy and Fire Extinguishers



These units are designed to train all personnel in the workplace how to minimise the possibility of workplace emergencies occurring and respond appropriately to emergencies which may occur in the workplace. It provides participants with an overview and awareness of workplace emergencies, building emergency systems and procedures including evacuation routes, fire extinguishing systems and the skills to select and operate hand held fire fighting appliances including fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels. More importantly, you will know when it is safe to take these actions, and what to do in such cases.

These units are part of a suite of eleven workplace emergency response units including the prevention, evacuation and suppression streams. This unit would benefit all members of staff.

This unit has been developed to cover the broad range of emergencies and workplaces as considered in Australian Standard 3745.


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4 Hours
Course Elements:
  • Identify, monitor and report situations that could lead to workplace emergencies
  • Identify, report and correct situations that could prevent workplace emergencies from being safely handled
  • Prepare for emergency situations
  • Report emergencies and potential emergencies
  • Identify and asses the emergency
  • Respond to emergency warnings and advice
  • Safely confine emergencies where possible
  • Use initial response equipment
  • Evacuate from the work area
  • Report workplace emergency response


Learning Outcomes:
  • Ability to identify emergency protection systems, emergency control equipment and evacuation systems
  • Ability to identify and report situations and hazards that may lead to or contribute to workplace incidents and/or emergencies
  • Ability to communicate according to workplace procedures and accepted safe practices
  • Ability to monitor the work area to identify new and emerging risks on an ongoing basis
  • Ability to communicate effectively in an emergency situation
  • Ability to identify an emergency/potential emergency
  • Ability to maintain own safety and the safety of others in emergency situations
  • Ability to follow workplace emergency procedures and the advice of emergency control organisation members
  • Ability to correctly identify the type of emergency that has occurred
  • Ability to identify and take action to avoid or control and associated hazards
  • Ability to use initial response equipment and techniques to safely and effectively control or contain the emergency
  • Ability to communicate in an effective manner, give and follow instructions
  • Ability to re-stow initial response equipment


RPL is not offered for this course
Workplace Emergency Response units are seen as industry wide units. The importing of these units of competency into other industry training packages is also promoted as the units are seen as relevant for all industries.
Entry Requirements: