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Scheduled Courses


Confined Space Entry Incl CPR (RIIWHS202D) (3 days)

Confined Space Refresher (RIIWHS202D)(1 day)

Confined space rescue (PUASAR022A) (1 day)

Work Safely at Heights (RIIWHS204D) (1 day)

Work Safely at Heights Refresher (RIIWHS204D)(4 hrs)

Heights Rescue (PUASAR022A) (1 day)

Work safely in construction industry (CPCCOHS1001A) (6 hrs)

Provide CPR (HLTAID001) (3-4 hrs)

Provide First Aid incl CPR (HLTAID003) (2 days)

Provide First Aid Refresher (HLTAID003) (1 day)

Provide Advanced Resuscitation (HLTAID007) (1 day)

Provide Emergency first aid in an education and care setting (HLTAID004) (2 days)

Provide Emergency first aid in an education and care setting refresher (HLTAID004) (1 day)

Occupational First Aid (HLTSS00027) (4 days)

Perform low voltage rescue (UETTDRRF06B)(6 hours)

HSR Health and Safety Representative Course (5 days)

HSR Refresher (1 day)

Work Health Safety Commitee Member(1 day)

Fire Extinguishers (PUAWER008B)(2 hrs)

Fire Warden / Evacuation (PUAWER005/8B)(1 day)

Chief Warden (PUAWER006B)(1 day)

Emergency Response Teams (PUAWER009B)(3 days)


Non Scheduled Courses


Management of Anaphylaxis (22099VIC) (4 hrs)

Management of Asthma in the workplace (22282VIC) (4 hrs)

Manual Handling (HLTWHS005) (1 day)

Work Safely with Industrial Chemicals and Materials (MEM13003B) (1 day)

Conduct Hazard Analysis JSEA (MSMWHS201) (4 hours)

Conduct Local Risk Control (RIIRIS201D) (4 hours)

Isolate and Access Plant (RIISAM202A) (1 day)

Undertake Initial Rescue (PMAOMIR301) (1 day)

Issue work permits (MSMPER300) (1 day)

Permit Coordinator (MSMWHS201/MSMPER300) (1 day)

Provide Initial First Aid Response (MSAPMOHS220A) (1 day)

Operate Breathing Apparatus (MSMWHS216) (1 day)

Observe Permit Work (MSMPER202) (4 hours)

General Occupancy (PUAWER001/4/8B) (4 hrs)

Identify, Prevent and Report Workplace Emergency Situations (PUAWER001B)

Ensure Workplace Emergency Prevention Procedures Systems and Processes Are Implemented (PUAWER002B)

Manage and Monitor Workplace Emergency Procedures, Equipment and other Resources (PUAWER003B)

Respond to Workplace Emergencies (PUAWER004B)

Operate as Part of An Emergency Control Organisation (PUAWER005B)

Manage an Emergency Control Organisation (PUAWER007B)

Lead a Workplace Emergency Initial Response Team (PUAWER010B) (2 days)

Manage Workplace Emergency Initial Response Teams (PUAWER011B)

Fire Safety Officer NSW Health

Fire Safety Officer NSW Health Recertification

Safe Handling Chlorine


Certificate Courses


Certificate II Public Safety PUA20613 (Fire Fighting) (Specific units delivered only)