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HSR Health and Safety Representative Refresher Training Course NSW (Safework NSW Approved)

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This course is for Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) that have been elected to represent a workgroup(s) for their workplace under the Work, Health and Safety Act.

It aims to refresh participants knowledge and skills when applying the principles of workplace consultation as an integral part of an effective Safety Management Systems (SMS).

This course is an approved Safework NSW course and meets the requirements of Safework NSW Training Package.


Work Health and Safety Framework

Consultation, Representation and Participation

Role of the HSR in Issue Resolution and Minimising Risks

Inspections, Notifiable Incidents and Incident Investigation

Provision Improvement Notices (PINs) and Ceasing Unsafe Work


Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to consider the following job roles:

  • Health and Safety Representative

This unit is appropriate for those working in:

  • General industry
  • Retail, hospitality and aged care
  • Mining, Construction and Manufacturing

Safety Boots or Enclosed footwear, suitable attire, hard hat, a pen/pencil. The WHS Legislation sets out the requirements for Training of a Health and Safety Representative. These establish important processes to enhance consultation and other duties between the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) (previously known as the employer), the Officer and others as established under the WHS Legislation. The Regulation details how a PCBU should consult with their officer and others while including them in the WHS decision making process, utilising Health and Safety Representatives, Committees and or other agreed arrangements.

Section 72 of the WHS Act requires that, if the PCBU is asked by a Health and Safety Representative to have this training available, the PCBU must allow this course as soon as practicable after being requested.

Evidence of Identity: Prior to undertaking this training, participants must provide adequate EOI.

This requires that the combination of documents provided by the participants must include the participant’s name and:

  • photo (e.g. current driver’s licence, passport) 
  • signature (e.g. current driver’s licence, credit card)

EOI documentation must:

  • be originals (certified documents are not to be accepted)
  • be issued by a government body or financial institution
  • be in the same name unless accompanied by a document from the NSW Registry of births, Deaths and marriages (or State/ Territory equivalent) verifying the change of name
  • include the participant’s full name be in English unless accompanied by an English translation issued by a NSSTI accredited translator

Students will need to have access to a workplace and the required written and oral skills to deliver reports. Students are required to contribute to group discussions and work as part of the competency requirements, to receive a Certificate in this subject.

Participants must have previously completed the Five (5) day HSR course. Evidence is to be provided.


Duration - One (1) Day

Time - 9.00am to 4.30pm

HSR refresher course is open to the public and can be delivered on your site or at the Academy. Learners will receive training in both theory and practical activities. Morning/afternoon tea and lunch is provided when delivered at TTA. Please advise office of any dietary requirements


RPL is not offered. Learners who complete this course may be eligible for further study in WHS Certificate IV BSB41415.

If you require special assistance, including language literacy and numeracy please notify our office and support services can be arranged. Our student handbook is available from our office and this website.